What Does My Tracking Update Mean?

As your parcel leaves our warehouse and makes the journey to your doorstep there will be a number of tracking updates along the way. To help you better understand your tracking details we have put together this handy list of the most common updates below and what they mean.

Country of origin tracking updates

The following tracking updates are used whilst your parcel is in transit in the country of origin: 

Shipping information received: Request sent to courier for collection 

Accepted/Picked up: The courier has collected your parcel 

Posting/Preparing shipment: Parcel is in the tracking system awaiting courier scan

Processed Through Facility: Parcel processed through sorting centre

Arrival outward office of exchange: Arrival at customs

Departure outward office of exchange: Departure from customs / shipped by air

Planned flight with airline code: Parcel has departed by air and will next update in your country

Destination country tracking updates

These tracking updates are used when your parcel enters your country. Your local postal service will either use the original tracking code or generate a new local tracking code which can be found within your tracking history.

Last mile: This update provides you with your local tracking number

Arrival inward office of exchange: Arrival at customs 

Held by customs: Parcel is held by your customs for inspection 

Departure inward office of exchange: Departure from customs 

Arrival at delivery office: Arrival at a delivery office in your country

In Transit to Next Facility: Parcel in transit to your local delivery office

Out for delivery: The final delivery to your address 

Exception/Failed delivery: The parcel could not be delivered / nobody was at home. Please contact your local postal service.

Delivered: It's all yours!

Shipping Time

The timescale from airline departure to the next update in your country can vary considerably depending on the destination. Please refer to our shipping guide below for average shipping times

Shipping Guide

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