Van Life!

January 17, 2020

There are few finer things in life than the freedom the open road gives you; wide open spaces, starry nights, stunning scenery, and time spent relaxing alone or on adventures with friends. All these things are attributes you’d expect to come from far flung holidays abroad in exotic locations for a pretty penny. 

Let me let you in on a little, not-so well-kept secret. 


Yep, that’s it – it’s all about life on the road

Whether that’s a campervan, a second hand self-converted van, or a state-of-the-art motorhome with all the mod cons. It doesn’t matter what wheels you’ve got, it’s what you do with them.

Van life is all about getting out there and exploring, soaking in the wild spaces, exploring new places, relaxing in old ones and making memories that last with all the people met along the way.

The idea of Van Living isn’t solely about living in a van full time, it’s more of a mentality – a new way of travelling. Cooking on the stove instead of eating out, watching the stars instead of the telly, morning coffee with the sounds of the sea instead of the radio. Embracing exploration at your own pace in your own way, on your own time.  It’s about packing the essentials and being ready to go at the last minute, whether that’s a long weekend away or a few months on the road.

One of the best things about campervans and motorhomes is that they’re your home away from home. 

Their personal to you, packed with your personal belongings for the ultimate minimalistic comfort. No more bland and boring hotel rooms, or cluttered bed and breakfast suits – these homes on wheels are your personal space and the perfect opportunity to unleash your own creative ideas.

You want bold colours with loud, clashing prints?  Go for it. 

Or maybe a more muted colour scheme is your thing, think delicate pastilles and a dashboard decked out with succulents.

Your van is your oyster and the possibilities are endless.

However, it’s worth remembering that the only thing Van Life doesn’t necessarily bless you with is huge amounts of living space (ok you’ve got the great outdoors but your great indoors is somewhat limited). So, it does require some clever and well thought out designs. This doesn’t mean you have to forego your personality though and the easiest way to stamp your style on something is by choosing simplicity.

There’s nothing worse than being overcrowded, especially within often cramped conditions but there’s nothing worse than losing your unique personality in your vehicle either. 

One amazing way to compromise is to choose a one off, stand-out piece of décor. A focal point, that draws the eye, expresses your creativity and adds a homely feel to your van.

Dope Neons give you just that – a unique, simple, yet stylish, decorative focal point that you can place anywhere in your van to give it a pop of colour and celebrate your very own take on van living. With a huge range of different designs, you can choose to display mottos to live life by and remind yourself to seek out adventure on the road, or there’s the option to keep it chic and maybe just stick to your vehicles logo; a great addition to give a more polished finish on a modern-day campervan. 

Can’t quite find a design that takes your fancy then you can upload your own. Now, that’s a perfect way to advertise your individuality and a sure- fire way to get everyone on the road talking about your camper. Pick your own mantra and make it glow!

With a variety of colours available, you can easily match one to your vans colour scheme as well, from pinks, to blues, to greens there’s sure to be something that compliments your camper. 

One of the essentials when it comes to designing a fully functional small space is adaptability – you want one product that can do more than one thing; That’s where we have you covered. With our soft glow and vibrant colours our signs are perfect for providing a warm ambient glow for those cosy evenings in the van, whilst the rains lashing down outside as you relax in the comfort of your home on wheels. They’re also sure to liven up the atmosphere on those long, balmy summer evenings when the BBQ’s smoking away and the drinks are flowing. 

As well as something being aesthetically pleasing, it needs functionality and a relatively easy set-up, which might be something that you don’t always associate neon signs with. However, our signs couldn’t be any easier, with a simple to use set up you’re good to go. 

Supplied with a USB cable and a plug you either have the option to run it using a 5v USB or mains power. Options like this are great because you never really know where you’re going to be in the van, and best laid plans always get waylaid; you might find an awesome little spot on the way to your chosen campsite and choose to spend the night there instead. The door to adventure is always open so you need your van to be as flexible as you.

Van life should be fun, from your adventures to your décor. Whatever the weather, whatever the season, it really doesn’t matter – life is for living, and what better way to live it than get out and explore in your trusty van. Whether that’s watching the rain against the window or with the doors thrown open to the sun, with your campervan you are prepared for anything. These are the memories you’re going to look back on so savour them as they happen (and why not make sure you look back on a stylish interior). 

Transform your van, Dope Neons style! Get started here


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